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Burt Byler is a new “Rock Americana” music voyage by New Orleans-born and Mississippi-raised storyteller Josh Brister. Brister’s early years as a songwriter can be described as a carefree folk singer whose work spoke about the trouble-free life of the “South,” epitomized by his home-state Mississippi. When he hit his 30s, something felt different. 

It was after watching the series “Making a Murderer” of that something seemed to erupt inside of his soul. Anger of corruption and injustice welled up like it never had before and those feelings were the beginnings of Burt Byler. He felt the urge to write about issues that were happening all around us that he had hid from his entire life.

Now Brister finds himself writing songs, like “Castle of Corruption”, a protest song that tackles slavery in the modern world and “Glory Land” which deals with the American dream. Josh is confident that his newest endeavor, Burt Byler, will reveal a musical depth that only comes with age and experience.

*Photos by Gloria Byler