PledgeMusic Pre-Sale Launch

After the horror of Charlottesville, Virginia I was reminded that racism is not only alive but thriving in the world. It caused me to reflect on the man I want to be and I've always been terrified of speaking out on race issues. In Mississippi the race issues are spoken of in whispers among white people and white denial is rampant. Because of that, I wanted to tell my story as a white privileged man who grew up in Mississippi. I was indoctrinated from an early age and I want to apologize for my cowardly silence these many years. These two songs that I want to share will make an impact on the white community for the good. I want you to come along on the journey with me from beginning to end. I will let you in my creative process in every aspect. From demoing, to recording, to vinyl art to music videos etc... We will release the 2 songs in late January with a tour to back it up through the US, Spain, Portugal, Germany and hopefully other countries in Europe too!

Pledge Music Pre-Sale: